Understanding the Value of Premium Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

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Finding Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

Residents of the GTA have access to some of the finest granite and marble slabs in the entire world. There are reputable and respected suppliers of natural stone with large selections of premium quality granite and marble products to meet any specific design need or personal taste.
Established natural stone suppliers have relationships with leading quarries all over the world. Experienced suppliers have the expertise to consistently choose the finest granite and marble slabs from these quarries. Many homeowners choose granite or marble slabs based on preferable colours or patterns in the stone, but purchasing slabs from these experienced suppliers helps to ensure that other important factors which affect the quality and durability of the stone have already been taken into account.  
The top suppliers of granite and marble slabs in the GTA take great pride in the products they sell. These suppliers project the beauty, style, elegance and timelessness of the high quality products they sell to customers as they walk in the door of the showroom.

Uses for Granite Slabs

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, a factor which greatly contributes to its exceptional durability, even when it is used for high traffic areas and load-bearing applications. Granite is also naturally water resistant, which allows it to be used both inside and outside the home.
Granite slabs are an incredibly versatile building material with a lot of different uses in and around the home. They are commonly used for constructing columns, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and steps. Some people are exploring alternative uses for granite slabs such as dining room tables and the construction of furniture.
Granite provides a rugged and elegant beauty that is both luxurious and timeless. Granite is available in a large variety of unique colours and patterns to appeal to every taste. It can also be finished to a polished, matte or textured look to make a bold statement or blend seamlessly into any existing décor.

Uses for Marble Slabs

Marble is relatively porous and softer in comparison to granite. The porous nature of marble means it should be sealed regularly in order to maximize benefits such as water resistance. Despite being softer than granite, marble still provides exceptional durability in all of its applications.
Many people love the look of polished marble due to the translucence of the stone and its ability to reflect light. Marble is known for its unique swirling patterns and softer, inviting beauty that is both classic and stunning.
Marble slabs are commonly used to create kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, but they also have many other uses around the home such as wall claddings and flooring. Installing marble in the home can have a dramatic effect on any room where it is used.

Low Maintenance

Aside from suggested regular sealing of the natural stone, both marble and granite offer low maintenance enjoyment for homeowners. Both materials can be cleaned using just mild soap and water without requiring special types of cleaners.
Visit the top suppliers of granite and marble slabs in the GTA today to secure the very best natural stone for your home.